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Meet Dr. Mike Misiak

Drs. Lisa and Mike Misiak

Drs. Lisa and Mike Misiak

Discovering an Alternative to Surgery

More than 30 years ago, Dr. Mike was involved in a motorcycle accident. With a fractured vertebrae, he was in pain on a regular basis and limited in his usually active lifestyle. He began seeking out alternatives. Chiropractic was one, and it gave him the results he was looking for. “I had a great experience, and it turned me on to the profession.”

He attended Logan College of Chiropractic, where he met Dr. Lisa. During his years there, he took many courses including ones on chiropractic technique and X-ray analysis. He continues his chiropractic education by attending regular courses every year.

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Helping Patients Find Wellness

Seeing the benefits that his patients get from care keeps Dr. Mike motivated every day, loving what he does.

I like to see the results they get and the smiles on their faces when they feel great after getting adjusted. - Dr. Mike Misiak

Dr. Mike enjoys helping patients who are seeking wellness care, as well as elderly patients who want to remain active.

Outside of the Office

When he isn’t at the practice, Dr. Mike, Dr. Lisa and their three adult children like to spend time outdoors. Though it can be tough to keep up with them, Dr. Mike stays in shape by playing in a men’s ice hockey league every week. He is a member of the local Elks Lodge and the local fire department.

Dedicated new patient appointments are available so that you can get the immediate attention you need. Contact us today to schedule your time with Dr. Mike!

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